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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Deep Breath Choka (with apologies to Deepak Chopra)

Hear mi when mi tell yuh fi CAREFUL wha yuh ask fa!!!
WOI Mighty Fada!

Mi seh!  Mi siddung a brainstorm wah mi cudda blog seh, afta 'rall mi go promise few a mi readers seh mi did aggo blog specifically fi dem.  So mi pray a likkle prayer fi come into a nice, light, humorous experience fi share.

It occurred about midday.  It involved my having to interface with someone for 45 minutes in an enclosed air-conditioned area.  All was well on our greeting TILL fireman opin(open) 'im mout'.
No sah! Mi nearly mad!!!!!
Mi yeye staat wata same time.
No!  Why? Eeh? Cho man!  So...... Hmph!
Dis man an 'im breath need a whole continent!!
After a few minutes I started to suffer a more-than-mild headache.  The air was brown, thick and foggy-maybe a desso mi staat fi hallucinate.  The session was very brief, to the point, direct!  I was not my usual humorous self.

Check this  lesson- we are responsible not only for ourselves but for others' comfort(to an extent) while they're around us.  We must present our best selves especially hygiene-wise.

All now mi pressure still raise and I'm honestly nauseated and feel an uncharacteristic pressure in the back of my head.  Mi do everyting inna 20 minutes, lest unuh wudda did haffi scrape mi carcass from outta di office.
Then yuh know it bad when yuh fraid fi open yuh owna mout' 'cause yuh tink it ketchin, like seh it jus aggo cleave to yuh tongue.  I had to air out di office for a considerable amount of time.  Oye!  Mi all leff mi mout' fi jus heng open so dat any stubban particles wudda flee mi system(awrite maybe not ).

Let's live for each other please!

I am your waiting-to-exhale Jodi!


  1. This is truth at its best Jodi! I believe in doing the right thing, simply because it's right!! Great blog, as always!!!