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Monday, 26 November 2012

Sister Sanctimonious

We all know them- the self-righteous individuals who do no wrong.  They are spotless in reputation, free from guile, void of character flaws.
Because they are never wrong, they never need to apologise-even when they have done "less-than good".
These are among the most difficult people to appreciate.  The staunch, unwavering, stubborn approach to life is actually rooted in selfishness and pride-among the most despised vices listed in scripture.
We.are.all.human.  We all make mistakes.  We injure people knowingly and unknowingly.
Taking a childlike approach to living is the antidote.  This approach  is grounded in humility.
These overly spiritual people drive others away with their callousness.
Do you ever wonder how certain people, though linked with spiritual giants, go off to make the worst mistakes?
"A how she breed fi dat deh man deh an har fatha a pasta?"
"So a really batty man him go tun?  Look pon di family 'im come from!"
"What a gyal pickeney love man!  Har madda a praya warriah enuh!!!"

Listen! When yuh too holy-righteous, yuh sen' people inna di wrong direction.  Yuh shoob dem weh from yuh an lan' dem inna di arms of danger-den nuh muss!!! A which smaddy aggo siddung unda abuse day in- day out so.

There is a danger in being spiritual to the neglect of the other aspects of our person-what of the social, mental, and physical?  I believe that being spiritual should translate into balance.  It should soften and sweeten my personality and make me more sensitive to others.  By no means am I suggesting that one should become a walk-over.  I am simply emphasizing the beauty of spirit which should be characteristic of the truly sanctimonious.

Yeah man, just know seh a proud and insensitive spirit is antagonistic to a truly holy character.

A mi seh so!

I am your Jodi.....

Love you guys so much!

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