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Monday, 12 November 2012

The heels are alive with the sound of music

Mi affi tell unoo bout one likkle ting weh mi go pon recently!!!!
He told me we were going to a concert.  Now, despite di patois, mi is a classical chick-love fine arts and the whole nine yards.
So when mi hear concert, mi tink:

Awrite!!!!Maybe not!!!! BUT! I ascribe a little sophistication, elegance and class to the idea of a concert.   N.B.-He said it was an evening of dance-so nuh fine arts dat inna fi mi classical mind! 

I pulled out an ensemble out of my wardrobe resembling:
Less the clutch, accessories, and sweater.  Insert thick gray and black leggings.  I thought it was cute and appropriate.....UNTIL......

Enter escort:

Awwwww Nawwwwwww!!!!!!! That's not even true! NEXT!


Insert accessories...and yup!  Can u say DISPARITY!!!!!!!  
It was VERY awkward FOR HIM!
I was being me, he was being him-he's pretty laid back, not fussy at all.
Thing is, the majority of persons in attendance looked like him, whilst a few, looked a little like me. 
I was comfortable in my own skin, but uncomfortable because of how uncomfortable he was.

I was not to be deterred however, I rocked out my high heels to the sound of that music-in a mild-mannered but meaningful way.

I had hoped we would have complemented  each other, but wadever chile! I learnt through that experience to be me-all me, in spite of how everyone looks around me.  Conformity is important yes, but conformity doesn't always translate into uniformity.

Ah well it could have been worse!

You know what?  I'm not gonna murmur nor complain!

I am your incredibly-grateful-my-date-didn't-show-up-in-dem-shorts Jodi!


  1. Looool! Jodi, tis true! Be yourself, girlie! Being you is quite ok for me!