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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's new's a new day!

Gosh, have I been missing in action.  I've had so many ideas for posts but then life takes place and that's the end of that.

As I pang away at the keyboard, I know not what I will come up with but I'm just typing away none-the-less pretty much like my life at present, there's so much that's happening-mostly disordered crazy shiz and most times it takes a concentrated, deliberate effort to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
There is a time and season for everything under the sun.  This is my season for shedding, renewal, growth, searching, finding, testing, reviewing  and introspection.  This process is by no means easy.  It's rather undesirable but is an absolute necessity for my development.
There's more to life than humour, more to it than joy, more to it than peace and even more to it than love.  It is the opposition that yields the resistance we need in order to develop virtues.
I wished it were easy to escape this season but just similar to an experience I had  when in primary school it cannot be side-stepped or avoided.  Some public health nurses had RANDOMLY dropped by to provide immunization. Had this information been communicated to me in advance I would have been unavoidably absent on the day in question.  Now as a Jamaican, I admit to loving 'free' things BUT.......uh-uh.  I hid myself, thinking I'd escaped the fools only to be cornered by some sadistic teacher who grinned with total satisfaction on having me secure in her unwelcome grasp.  I cried and demonstrated theatrics befitting an Emmy award, but di darn people jus' leggo di neegle(needle) unda mi flesh.  I wailed in absolute displeasure-not so much because of the pain, because admittedly, it was quite short-lived but what ached me most was being in a situation I had no control over, having had to submit to measures of disease control I deemed unnecessary.  I hated the chucked up room, the smell, the way each child was thrust into this experience one by one-namelessly-just the callous announcement of "NEXT".  It was void of the personal care and attention and the after-event comfort that I would have wanted.
Years later I realize, Hun, that's life.  You don't get to choose when, how or what kind of blow is dealt to you.  Be assured of this though-it's for your benefit.  Time will heal.  You'll look back at this season and laugh.  There is merit in engaging this season, dark though it may be to discover important life lessons.  Let it help you determine standards and protocols.  Let it reaffirm faith in God and in yourself.
Cry if you must now, cuz it's just a season boo.  Just a season.  This too shall pass.

I release all that I've lost.
I open myself to receive all that I'll gain.
Thank you!

Summer's coming guys-new season ahead!

Touch your neighbour say-BATHING SUIT!!!

Don't allow any situation to get you down-stay afloat!

See you at the beach!

I am your Jodi!!!

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