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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Top 10 Transportation Woes

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of my peeves related to the transportation system here in Jamaica.  This is simply a reflection of the most annoying grievances-my top 10.

  1. Turn-offs(going a little off route) when I'm late.  The taxi men usually request the turn-offs just before the turn-not initially before they start the ignition-right before they make the swing into wonderland! UGH!
  2. No change.  Hear dem, "Babes, mi jus come pon di route enuh".  Dem tink me can go short di nex driva?  Bout, "Mi can owe yuh?" Hiss teeth. Steups. Whatever yuh waa call it, mi VEX!!!!
  3. Passengers who disembark before the designated stop and take a while to dig into pockets or knee-deep bags to find the money-usually of the large denominator sort, while the taxi is parked in the middle of the road and I'm late(again).  The taxi man of course nuh have no change-refer to number 2 an haffi go mek a spin at a gas station to get di change(WHILE MI LATE).
  4. I hate when you have an overcrowded taxi i.e. three large bodies in the back squishing my body into sausage, then a mawga gyal cotch up inna di front wid har false hair, nails, yeye lash like seh she hot, an jus a stare stare pon harself when people tripe a turn inna salami. 
  5. Oh the pick-ups!! Always when I'm late.  The taxi men stop here, there and every where. Even when the people waving frantically seh NO, dem not coming, dem still a stop. CHO MAN!
  6. Is there a secret rapture for cross-seats?  Please say yes!
  7. What of getting gas on the route?  WHY???
  8. Police man, nuh badda wid di spot check now man, mi late!!!!  Do dat when mi nuh have agenda, like um........,uh......... CHO MAN!
  9. Traffic owing to faasing.  People jus haffi slow dung fi see wha jus happen! Mi naw seh yuh nuffi concerned but....people late man!
  10. Den, who love when yuh siddung pon di cross-seat or yuh in between dat special sandwich we mentioned earlier of two sizeables  an yuh leg dem cramp up so till yuh cyaah even step off when yuh alight from di vehicle.  Yuh jus' halt so.  Man dem yah ting yah mek my nerves dem tan up.
It would be nice to hear a few of your transportation woes.

Comment section below please.

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I am your Jodi :-)


  1. DI FROWZY CHIRREN DEM!!!! Oh lort, why dem afi frwozy ALL di day long? All when yu tek bus ina early mawnin some a dem smell like bun khaki and sweat. Ugh :'(

  2. Hey Tracey! Thanks for stopping by! Mi agree wid dah one deh! Perpetual frowsiness. Is caw dem a recycle di uniform dem widout washing enuh! Not to mention dem just start fi learn fi bathe demself- a nuh everybody ketch di skill so good di first time around lol...Aye sah!