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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Almost died at my funeral

Shall we gather at the river.......

Recalling my youthful childhood days, I marvel at the person I've become.  I'm not half as reticent as I used to be, I'm far more vocal and more free in expressing a passionate stance.  I've grown some.... I'm more open to taking risks and have turned deeper within-I'm somewhat of a loner for those who don't know.  I've developed more confidence in myself and the ability vested in all God's children to 'get back up again', some call it the resilience factor, my devotional today calls it the 'iron will'.

Certain experiences in life have contributed to the restructuring of certain parts of me, I'm more aggressive, can tend to be less trusting and believing.  I'm more calculated in my movements-still very much spontaneous, but I'm more choosy decisive in living out my voracious appetite for freedom.  Freedom is perhaps one of the most important tenets to which I subscribe.  Any threat to my freedom is a threat to my life.

An infringement on a person's freedom of speech, movement, choice and being is 'anti-good'.  God Himself respects our freedom of choice.  Removing that from mankind is transforming free moral agents into robots.  This is lifeless existence.

I died-almost.  For a brief moment I succumbed to the desires of them who needed me to walk a path void of passion and freedom.

I cried a tear-less cry, because it felt unnatural and I was incapable of experiencing any joy.

I cried harder because I could not accept that I had just rid myself of my God-given faculty.

I climbed out of that coffin prepared for me by those desiring my captivity.  I stopped crying.  I laughed at the previously joyful mourners who subsequent to my escape wept bitterly.

A new resolve.

No! I'm not living for anybody-I'm pleasing my God firstly then me/

Living ma life like it's golden....

I'm yours baby!!!! I am your Jodi!

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  1. YES! You hit the nail on the head and you make sure you 'home' it. Loving it! And you done know 'Golden' is one of my tunes! Haha.
    so..... aaahhhhhhhh