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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Liva (Liver) Lip

If any body eva call yuh liva lip-a nuh good sinting!!!!  Liva lip alludes to heavily endowed lips that lack characteristic appeal.  No! Nobaddy neva yet bright demself fi call mine dem dat!

I'm not here to present a discourse on large, unshapely lips, I'm here to discuss a different type of liva lip.  This concept takes the word liver from a different perspective, as in, something/someone that lives deliberately and unapologetically. I'm speaking to harnessing the power of the tongue, nay, lips, to create life!
Made in the image of God, we're capable of speaking worlds into existence.
This is an encouragement to us all to use our lips to create the life we envision for ourselves.  Speak life.

I am still your Jodi.



  1. Keep yuh liva' lipped kiss!!

  2. DWL! LOL! A waapen to yuh man!!! Yuh know seh like it!Fi dat yuh get 2!