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Monday, 18 February 2013

New Season!!!

Change doesn't always come easy.  There are the occasional pin-pricks that accompany the unfamiliarity of a new experience.  Hey, part of life eh?
My encouragement for those of us embarking on a new journey is to enjoy the ride to the MAX!!!
Seasons come, seasons go.  Don't clutch to experiences with such tenacity that its dynamic nature is stifled.  Let go and let live! Learn to recognize the signs of a changing season-it may be a chilly atmosphere, an unfamiliar coldness or conversely, uncustomary heat, it may manifest in falling leaves or the bountiful springing of greenery-make the application to your life.  Whatever the season is, beauty is sure to accompany.
If in your transition between seasons you experienced a lil' bit o' pain- there is a promise of healing.

If not, walk out in victory!!!
Whatever the case, make sure you've learned from the experiences, make sure you're growing and evolving into a more perfect you!

You know I'm yours....

I am your Jodi, for this season AND beyond!

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