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Friday, 12 October 2012

Do I know you?

Yuh eva glad fi see smaddy yet?
Glad till yuh nuh teeven know yuhself?
A so mi did feel when mi did see mi fren from high school.
Di mistake mi mek-how foolish of me-was fi ASSUME seh she feel di same way too.  Eh Eh! Gyal barely waah open har mout'.  Ah shame!  Mi jus' switch same time an' gwaan like mi neva so glad neida-jus a do di pleasantries outta manners sake.  It cut mi man.  Jus' caw she tun big shot.
There are no guarantees in this life!  Frown pon di garbage man all yuh want, if him nuh clear weh yuh waste see if John Crow nuh come nyam weh yuh place, fly an' maggot(magic for those from St.Elizabeth) infestation tek ova.  Nex' ting yuh know-yuh property tun public health threat-haffi go quarantine di place-Contagion, den word spread, Worl' War III, Armageddon an' Star Wars buss out-di full gamut-yuh see how deep dis ting is!?!
Mek Ms. Thing move har sh!#-Good thing mi nuh nyam patty!(at least until I finish writing this blog).
Nex' day, mi see anedda fren from high school an' the reception was so WARM I thought I'd be cooked alive.  DIFFERENCE!  Wha di hypin' 'bout?  And might I add-she is also doing absolutely well.
Jus' 'level' in the words of the great intellect-Ninja man (or was it bounty killa) whichever of the geniuses-it is very applicable.
Pride cometh before a fall.
Jus level zeen?

I am your Jodi;)

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