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Friday, 12 October 2012

Nuh badda wid di frettin' putus!


Di odda day mi a express to an ol' fren just how lost I was feeling.  It gets so crazy sometimes that I just shut myself away from people cuz I don't know how to qualify my feelings to them. That's just how introverts behave.  Yes! Mi a one introvert!  (Although everybaddy go thru dat still.)
So afta mi try explain my disappointment in not having achieved more, him break dung di scene fi mi properly.
Nuff people who yuh siddung a envy, wudda probably envy you if dem did privy to your details.  Di bredrin a mek mi know seh a plenty people-plenny-that are struggling to make car payments and can't even nourish their bodies with good food!(Eh-eh! an den waah come trus' out di whole a my toto-yuh maaad).  A pure gas full up dem baddy an mi bredda seh dah kind a gas deh cyaah full cyar tank.  A plenty sacrifice people haffi mek fi keep up appearances as well, sometimes likkle 'ting' haffi sell out an dese tings.
Di bible seh when yuh tek a stock inna di snactuary enuh-a desso di ting reveal out.
Mi aggo gwaan thru simple an' easy-no fanfare, nuttin', jus humble an' easy.  Wha yuh seh? U too? yeah man, all a wi inna dis ting.
Mi a encourage one and all fi hol' di faith-nuh watch nobaddy.  Tek yuh time mek yuh likkle mark, be content and praise yuh God.

A yuh likkle sista dis, as always memba seh nuh baddy naw tek mi weh from yuh, yuh safe;)
I am YOUR Jodi

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