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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What is your brand?

Hey loves!

Let's play a lil' game.   I will list a few brands of popular items.  I want for you to match those with the first adjective that comes to mind. (All my readers may not be familiar with some of the listed items, that's alright-just match the ones you can). Ready?  Let's go!!!

  1. Sunshine Snacks(Food manufacturing company) ________________
  2. Digicel(telephone company)                                ________________
  3. COURTS(furniture store)                                   ________________
  4. Snickers(Chocolate bar)                                     ________________
  5. Jamaica(Country)                                               ________________
  6. Crazy Jim(Icecream)                                          ________________
  7. Ritz Carlton(Hotel)                                             ________________
  8. Mercedes Benz(Car)                                          ________________
  9. Apple(Information technology company)             ________________
  10. Barack Obama(US President)                            ________________

Some of the brands may have gotten high ratings whilst others may have rated very low on the scale of excellence.  What are some of the adjectives that you used to describe the brands? My  adjectives were:
1. Mediocre
4.Decadent(gosh mi mout' staat fi spring one river)
6. Mediocre
7. Prestigious
8. Luxury
9. Exemplary
10. Debonair

If I placed your name right here:

Your name ___________________
What would be the first few adjectives that came to mind?  If I asked others about the adjectives they'd affix to your name, would it be complimentary?

Think about it.  Are you reflecting the image you would want to have roll off the tips of people's tongues instinctively?  What kind of role are you modelling?

Your brand is the mark you leave on the world.  Deliberate living is a conscious and calculated effort aimed at experiencing life in all its fullness, this should inspire a heightened awareness on the legacy we want to leave behind.
Are you reliable?  Trustworthy?  Sincere, genuine?  Pure?  Do you have integrity?
Are you vicious, callous, cold-hearted, dishonest, unappreciative, selfish, tending to avarice?
What's going on?
There comes a time when we ought to take stock of our lives.
I am taking inventory of myself, just thought I'd open my thoughts to you.

The fruit of the spirit gives us the standard that is expected of us-God's brand, the signature of His life taking effect in our lives.
I leave you with Philippians 4:8. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Let this be your brand.

I am your Jodi :-*


  1. 1.Cheesy
    6.Crazy Jim?! Who would give an ice-cream a name like that?

    If you placed my name in the blank right there.... SEVERAL adjectives would come to mind. Asked others about the adjectives they'd use to describe me yrs ago. lol. And well.... i wrote them all in a poem.

    thanks 4 giving me a scripture to ponder on. hmmm....still holding a medz

  2. We share very similar thoughts girl!
    I'd love to hear that poem-you know-you da boss!
    Thanks for sharing your responses and taking the time out to comment. It means a lot.

    Love ya babe!!!!

  3. Jodi! This is great! Turn me frown into a smile mi girl! Keep it hup (As a Jamaican we hadd "aich" in fronta rerds dat don't use it)!

  4. Sunshine Snacks - Cheap
    Digicel(telephone company)-T'ief
    COURTS(furniture store) - T'ief
    Snickers(Chocolate bar) - deer
    Jamaica(Country)- land of wood and wata
    Crazy Jim(Icecream)- had better -.-
    Ritz Carlton(Hotel)- Deer
    Mercedes - Luxurious
    Apple(Information technology company)- Innovative
    Barack Obama(US President)- One of a kind