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Monday, 8 October 2012

New game graces Athletics-TRAN'SPORT'

Mi Seh! My. oh. my!

Git up outta mi bed from 4:00 clock (and YES that is A.M.), seh a prayer, meditate, an' buss a likkle stretch.  Afta di stretching, mi gear up fi di laps weh mi haffi go do roun' Spanish Town.
Reach out inna di town in good time too enuh.  Mi a come fi know the drill yah now-it gwine tek mi 1 whole hour fi get a taxi but first, mi haffi walk out di gas station, den bakka one wildaness near the train line, den walk all di way go dung a one plaza, den back up to di gas station, till mi come to mi final restin' place-side-a di Shoppin' centre deh so.  Mi nuh know a wah kinda lifestyle dat deh.
Mi DONE man!!!  Dis mawning a crass so till!  Mi nearly late AGAIN!  Mek dem a ramp wid people life so!  Yuh a ggo tell me seh mi haffi wake from 2 o' clock an' lay wait di fuss bus from bout 4 o clock inna di heart a Spanish Town fi reach work at 7 a.m.?
Afta mi done lap dat deh town deh before work, den do couple laps roun' di establishment weh mi work mi suppose fi fava di champion thoroughbred haas(horse) dem uppa caymanas.  Hear mi racehorse name-Dogheelsdonkeysplurt! Mad! Maaaaad! Mi loike! Nuh badda frowns up pon mi name-nuhbaddy ask yuh nuttin, mi nuh waah yuh opinion Miss and Mister Sir!  An yuh know seh mi toe dem still a bun mi from di heels from di odda day! Gracious man!  Mi nuh like di system none't-all.

DEN dis girl siddung side a mi inna di back a di taxi.  She nuh stop buck.  Mi 'llow har fi do har ting TILL me realise seh wi face aggo meet an har mout in very close proximity to mine.  Mi touch har inna har head-gently-how? genkle, genkle meek an' mild-CAW-mi neva know how deep di sleep was an' how she aggo react when roused from slumba-'pose shi did 'tab mi!!!  She wake up an' apologise an' before shi cudda done seh "sorry", is a nex' roun' a buckin.  Den mi staat grow nervous caw dah gyal yah is a country gyal(I deduced based on her heavy accent and manner of dress).  Hey, country people skull T'ICK enuh.  Mi jus a see how when fi har head connec' wid fi mi how mi naw go mek it! Cyaah afford dat star!  Di worse paat a seh nuttin naw go do she.  Is like when yuh lick a jilapy(ol' cyar) dem nuh as much as dent but fi yuh crissas RiGhT Off!  Mi neva aggo tek no chances- mi shoob weh har face an' it stay shoob to di nex man side a har.  Him neva look so intimidated like miself but 'im sure wasn't accommodating.
Mi get a real good chuckle outta dah one deh tho-caw mi did VEX bout di marathon mi did jus haffi run fi ketch di lilly ride into town. Yuh see why our runners haffi boss! TRAN'SPORT'!!!
Aye aye aye!  A mawning again?

Oh lawd!

Mi nuh figet Kamarsha! Drum roll....................................................


(Gyal yuh fi write)

Love you all soooooo much.

Mek mi buss a small choops pon unnuh-look how di country gyal nearly tek it widout aksin'!


  1. Ahhh.... Divine intervention. Give thanks for God's healing power

  2. LOLOL! Yeah man, di healin' tek place yes! Back to normal now. Skyping later???;D

  3. Lol. You talking like a Trini. lol. "di healin' take place YES" Haha! You even ending your sentences with 'YES' now! Woii!!!!!!!! Must be a potbelly influence.