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Monday, 22 October 2012

I am Chibuzo

Yuh know wah jus cross mi mind as mi a wash some plate?
NO! Yuh don't know!

I was thinking, why it is, that many claim to be so afrocentric, yet it is little reflected in our naming system, that is, assigning an identity to our offspring.

A lie mi a tell?

Awrite den, tell mi when last you hear a bwoy pickeney named Cudjoe! or Kuntakente!
You hear no gyal pickeney inna recent times name Nanny?

A pure Oshaine, Rohan, Le-Noi, Terence and Jevon yuh a get fi bwoy names, di girl dem have pure stoosh up names: Khadine, Kamarsha, Jessica, and Samara.  Waapen to our original names?

Well it was just a thought.
 Tell me what you think.

I am your Chibuzo?

Mi cyaah surrenda 'Jodi', sorry!

I am your Jodi

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