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Sunday, 14 October 2012


Listen to my heartwarming little story!  I LOVE my life!
Today I got a +128 text from Digicel-ya know what that means!!!!
That's right, somebody sent me credit.  Touch yo' neighbour, say "GRACE".
But when mi tek a stock, mi nuh know di numba.  So mi tex' it asking, "Who is this?"
The person responded with a phone call.  He related how I'd sent him a "please credit me" request, which I denied because I hadn't used my phone all morning.  He tried to convince me that I did.  I was adamant that I hadn't.  He was very friendly and laughed at the episode.
He texted a few minutes later informing me that it was a mistake-he had misread the last digit.  He laughed again and said it was ok.
I needed that credit!!!!  Yes indeed.  I appreciated his graciousness and politeness.
There is virtue in the midst of all this mess.
Then while writing this post, he texted with-"Thought 4 z day. Ur attitude determines ur altitude.  If u tink positive about urself, u wil achieve all ur goals, bt if u ave negative thought about urself u wil never achieve anything out of life. D bottom line u need 2 change how u c urself cuz u r more than what u tink u r.J(eremiah) 33:3"

I also needed that word.  I felt like God sent bread from heaven in the mouth of a raven as He did for Elijah at the brook.  My soul was on 'E'-empty, and God reassured me in an unconventional way that He STILL cares.

I've been deriving comfort from this song lately-hope it blesses you tremendously.

I mean, I am your Jodi-pie (yummm)

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  1. Talk about angels unaware.... De song is indeed a blessing too eh. Trust me