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Monday, 24 September 2012

A cyaah title dah one yah

No brah!!!!!
Mi neva a plan fi pos', BUT when mi buck dis yah news yah, mi haffi renege pon mi promise to miself fi pos' pon wednesday.
Mi a comb di net fi a work when mi come crass dis yah:

Community Peer Educator
* HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Programme: St. Ann and St. Mary 
  • Identifying and visiting Adolescent group, Young Adults, Sex Workers,Workplace and high risk areas/communities.
  • Facilitating and conducting risk reduction sessions with high risk groups.
  • Facilitating and conducting targeted community interventions.
  • Conducting rapid HIV test and counselling sessions per health district
  • At least five CXC subjects and/or Diploma in Health Promotion, Education, Social Sciences, Social Work, Marketing, and Community Development.
  • Basic knowledge of HIV/STIs, Behaviour Change, Public Health and Health Promotion
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers and with people in authority
  • Experience in attending night clubs, bars and exotic clubs
Deadline:October 12, 2012

A beg yuh view di highlighted carefully.
Mi neva tink mi wudda see di day when dirtiness wudda be an asset-rather-a qualification fi a legit wok!!!!

Tell mi dis!!!!!

Aye sah!

Mi gone yaw!


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