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Sunday, 9 September 2012

All the Weigh to Ideal

No!  This is not another cloying (or clidin' rather) toto post.  I'm sure you can almost taste the toto by now!  No man dis blog is not about so-so toto.  Sorry to disappoint.  Today features a synopsis of my weight journey.  Wait! It is interesting, if yuh ever click offa di page widout reading it yuh see!  Ah find yuh an...(fill in the blanks) yuh!

As a few of you already know, I'm a Registered Dietitian by profession.  An area of significant interest is Weight Management.  Whilst this area is riddled with challenges, the rewards of successful intervention is incomparable.
So dis chica here-me- has been testing my own meal planning skills on myself and have committed to regularised physical activity-eh eh.
I started the year with a three day water fast-ingesting nothing but water for three days-yes mi did feel like mi waah dead-but completed that journey successfully.  That experience served as a "reset" for my badly deteriorated appreciation for nutritious foods.  My nutrition diagnosis, even from the perspective of a trained Dietitian was: Disordered Eating. WHA?! Nuh badda confuse it with eating disorders now.  The former alludes to improper timing of meals and inappropriate food choices.  But mi did have it bad: only chocolate and banana chips mi a eat from morning till night, wid maybe some ice-cream, Captain's doughnuts and strawberry lasco(college days) in between.  How mi live so long Lord?
Hennyhoo, this reset accomplished its intended purpose and I began craving foods that provided superior nutrition.  Pure whole foods mi a eat.  I began losing weight simply by engaging my new appetite.  Then di bombshell-di braces-NO SAH!  Dah one deh staat out rough!  When mi seh mi appetite did  ravenous enuh man, but di teet' cuddn' mek di journey!  Mi memba day 2 afta di braces did bonded to mi teet', mi hungry nuh dawg enuh man, an' di teet' dem sensitive from di pressure.  Mi staat get cross an' a pure naughtiness a swim roun' inna mi head-tank God fi Jesus mek dem neva cum out. Ah!  Mi haffi come affa di road an' come home-'pose yuh see how mi staat fi drink dung di rice grain dem like a wata.  Man, di grain dem guh dung whola, an' di reason mi know ah caw di nex' time mi see dem, dem whola same way(use yuh imagination).  Needless to say my weight loss accelerated. Series of subsequent events promoted increased weight loss and 20 lbs lighter, I now stand at my ideal body weight.
At 5 ft, 4 in., I am 120lbs. Applause?  Mi nuh know enuh, CAW, whilst I feel good, no jiggles or wiggles, some paats of my anatomy a SUFFA!!!!
No sah, mi haffi confess unnu know seh mi neva blessed wit 'back' inna di firs' place, now, hmph, it feel like mi have some electrical shaats inna di leff cheek of my gluteus minimus-di whole a mine is a minimus situation! Good!  Mi a feel one jabbin' pain in deh man, an den, di hip area is subject to a lot of trauma.  Today for instance, di van door clabba mi pon mi side an' a tell yuh-a angels weh excel in might stop Spanish Town from bun dung wid di fire weh nearly ignite when di two surfaces graze dem one anedda. mm-mm-mm. Mercy! WOW!
I dunno(said in my farrin voice).  This journey to the ideal weight has led me to inquire- a who come up wid dis yah calculation yah, caw fi mi baddy a pay di dividends.   I mean, I feel well, but do I look well?  Pants bottom a sag worsara-no sah!  Outside of that, I have the energy and confidence to move about with(clears throat) "vim, vigour and vitality".  If anyone is able to tell me who was just quoted, you'll be entitled to a free slice of toto*wink*.
 Maybe if I alter my fitness routine to build more muscle(and do less cardio), I'll have more protection from the elements-mother nature mi naw play, caw right now I'm a walking hazard.

Let me know how you felt at your ideal body weight (if you've ever been at that weight or close to it) and if you think it's realistic.  Jeli, and Le-Noi agreed with Geoff in the comment section of a previous post that I should employ some real bad man tactics and threaten to kill you if you don't accede to my requests.  Don't. test. me.  A Spanish Town mi grow. Awoah!

To calculate your ideal body weight:
Women-100lbs for first 5 feet + 5 lbs per inch after that. eg. Me 5 ft, 4 inches-100lbs +4inches*5=120lbs

(This is for medium frame, if you're big boned add 10 lbs, if small frame, minus 10 lbs from the medium frame calculation).

Men-106lbs for first 5 feet + 6 lbs for every inch after that eg. Liddle bwada(that's my bro's nickname)-5 ft, 10 in.-106+6*10=166lbs.

(This is for medium frame, if you're big boned add 10 lbs, if small frame, minus 10 lbs from the medium frame calculation).

If, like Geoff or Le-Noi you are above 6 ft, just multiply the inches over 5 ft by 6 lbs eg. 6 ft 2 in. would be 106(for first 5 ft)+14 in.(12 +2) *6=mi cyaa badda fi go find calculator now enuh star, cho.(Jeopardy music) Person who calculate dis win a slice of banana bread, no yaw, mi a dash weh my business, see it yah, see it yah-190lbs. woo-hoo!  I won me a slice of my own cake-yayyyyyy!!!!!!

So we'll chat soon then.  I miss ya already.  Soon come back.

Love you too!
Read, enjoy, follow.


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