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Monday, 10 September 2012

Toto village: a place called Mandeville

Whew!  Mi praperly tired! mm-mm!  Mi naw lie, dem ya higglering wok yah nuh easy at all!  Props to all higglers out there-NUFF RESPEC'(don't tief di big up if you are not a higgler-we are an exclusive community).  As a junior hustler learning the ropes mi a tell yuh man, is a lot of hit an' misses and unrelenting perseverance.

So mi ride come today.  Hip hip?.....Finish it, das rite- hooray!
Mi leff out wid mi hamper full of goodies- coconut drops, banana pudding, bread pudding and the infamous TOTO(big up!-my absolute fave!).  Today would be a special day though 'cause I'd have an entourage to lend support.
Four a wi(Le-Noi, Oshaine, mi cousin Claudia an' miself) a pace di campus a look fi any crusty lip pickeney fi wipe out di white squawl epidemic wid di products. Le-Noi provided the muscle-a carry roun' di bag, Oshaine a market di ting dem an' wi pimp out Claudia wid har hot self fi soften the groun' before wi hit di target dem, me scout out an' drive home di sale.  What a team!  A who seh Fantastic Four?  So mi seh too.
Yes sah!
 Mi realize seh a pride did a hol' mi back from hittin' the market the right way.  Listen! Hear mi good!  Dis pride ting CYAAH work enuh!!! NO!  Pride undergirds fear which limits our potential for growth, exploration, and attainment of goals.  It prevents us from living in enlightenment and prosperity.  We must abandon this most ruinous trait if ever we are to become our best selves.  So mi staat look pon everybaddy as a prospec'.  Mi approach everybaddy.  Di ting is, di people who mi was most skeptical about was the people who supported me the most.  Wha mi seh?  JUDGE NOT!!!  An' di smaddy dem who me SURE bout a di one dem weh naw seh nuttin'-what a ting!  Wi cyaah mek wi ill-guided perceptions guide wi reality, because wi miss out on perfectly wonderful opportunities to extend ourselves.
I especially enjoyed today because the focus was different.  I engaged my inner Dietitian and enhanced my sales pitch with some heartfelt Nutrition Education.  I fell in love with the prospects and so whether or not they purchased anything at all our encounter was fulfilling.
I don't know what the future holds but I'm willing to learn life  lessons every single day(and I intend on sharing them with you-yuh can share too enuh-das why dere is a comments section below-nuh badda mean up wid di ting).  I'm not sure how I'll maintain my Mandeville market but I'm taking each day as it comes.

Let me use this as an opportunity to encourage you in whatever endeavour you may be strongly considering or may be embarking on, to do so with your whole heart, mind, soul and spirit.
The other day I thought about how some people sell their bodies(like how mi did haffi pimp out dear Claudia today-yuh know it's hard out here for a ____What?If you watched Hustle and Flow you know), then others sell their souls, I figure if we all have to sell something then I may as well sell my spirit.  That's something I'm comfortable with.
May this blog serve as a source of spiritual renewal(an' spiritual nuh mean Bible alone).  Mi want unnu fi know seh we can all mek it- even when things haad an' times tough.

Mi gone a mi bed...someting spicy a come up.  U jus' wait fi di pos'.

Tek care mi childrens.

Tank yuh Le-Noi!  Tank yuh Oshaine!  Tank yuh Claudia(bow-chica-wow-wow)!  Mi cuddn' do it widout unnu!

Much love to you all in blogland.

I am who? Your Jodi!

Be blessed.....

Oh and yes! mi did sell off!!!!!

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