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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The wound that heals

This is partly a re-post of a blog I'd posted previously.  It chronicled a lil' heartbreak I'd encountered.

Heartbreak Hotel

"I'm so torn, I can't even cry.  This blog has become my go-to cathartic experience.
For a lil' while now, I've been crushing on this dude.  Thing with me is that I crush on people that express interest in me first.  So it was a reciprocated thang.
In my little mind, I thought I was his 'it', you know, the sweetest little thing.  Imagine the HORROR when I discovered this dawg sh#t(Jodi NO! get it together) was just a player,  filling the minds of vulnerable girls with no ends of garbage.  My instincts had warned me.  I just refused to listen.
I feel busted, broken, shattered, just out of it!  I can't even focus.  This nauseating feeling has swept over my soul.  When did I become Leah? #biblical reference
Man I was played big time.  Can't even relate the details. JEEZ!
I just wanted to put this in writing.  It has no resolution yet.
Good thing is, it was only a crush.  Nothing more.  Lord I thank you that you brought it to my attention.  Bugger doesn't yet know that I know.  Hmph!  Well! Life goes on and so must I.


I am your brokenhearted Jodi :-("

A week later, I'm thankful for the experience.  It inspired a song I intend on 'putting out there', it helped shape my perspective on emotional vulnerability-propelling me to a higher sense of caution, responsibility and accountability to myself; my self-worth and value have been restored, best of all, I've reconnected with a God whose friendship is enduring-nothing I do or say will turn Him off of me, cuz His love is unconditional-that's comforting; it builds confidence and trust and I'm better off for this experience.
I'm no longer angry, I've found my peace.  
Look out for the song-it's coming soon.

I'm yours...


  1. I hear u there sweetheart, u know I do ;) See Is. 54:10

  2. Yeah girl, I know you have me on this one. Thanks for that text-God's kindness will never depart-words fitly spoken indeed. I still hit the pits now and then but I try to keep my head above waters. Ah well...I'm believing for my healing girl...I'm believing!