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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Trading on your talents

What do you have in your hand?
No, not necessarily that fork yuh using fi chow dung di large portion of dark green leafy vegetables that you're supposed to be consuming daily(hmmm-right!)
What I mean is, what are your areas of giftedness?
Becoming the best we can be is a divine commission.  We were placed here to develop in every possible way.  Reading the Old Testament has exposed me to God's ideal for His people: Prosperity!  Yeah I said it! Read mi outta church now.  In the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:13-30, we see the expectation that God has for us-that we should maximize on what he has blessed us with.  We ought to demonstrate stewardship which should yield returns.

This is especially for the unemployed or those whose income may need to be supplemented; what can you do that can serve as an income generating project?
There is no shame in work.  Whatever it may be-as long as it's honest, gratifying and performed with integrity.

I encourage you to take a moment for introspection.  What can you do to increase your potential earnings, and by extension, the quality of your life?

I am your caring Jodi

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