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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dis yah donkey yah bigga dan my back

The proverbial tale of the man carrying a donkey on his back may seem nonsensical (find the Aesop Fable here:, UNTIL yuh staat fi carry yuh owna dankey.
There are people in your life who you cannot afford to entertain-under ANY circumstance-these are your donkeys.  These people have no ends a prablem-pure crasses, mi mean e-n-d-l-e-s-s of the unsolvable sort.  Did somebody say burdensome?
There is a difference between di donkey dem an' people who are going through life tragedies and need a shoulder to cry on.  Donkeys come een like a recurring nightmare-dem cyaah eva guh weh, dem ever present with the SAME story even after you've provided feasible solutions and have invested hours-nay- days into giving an ear.
There is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing-a season for everything under the sun.  These people sap the energy from your life with their constant negativity.  You must know when to put an end to a perpetual cycle.  The devil uses these people as henchmen to prevent you from experiencing the fullness of joy you were meant to have-keepin' yuh up all night(wid di digicel 11 till daylight plan weh God neva inspire none-t'all) till yuh yeye bag dem a heng like tief pon crass.  It is not fair!  Yes! you who are stronger must strengthen those who are weak, I am aiming this discourse, however, at the ones who are never going to be alright, those for whom there will never be a sun in the sky.  If you've never encountered such a person-happy are ye, if you have like I have-woe unto you.

You know you are carrying a donkey when:

1. Yuh haffi a dodge people an' when yuh phone a ring yuh heart staat fi beat faas'. No peace!
2. Yuh tyad fi give unheeded advice.
3. Yuh ears a ring sake a di brayin'-they complain endlessly.
4.  They've already made up their mind as to what they are going to do with their life and are trying to convince you to be in agreement with it.  Their obstinate position makes their mental guard impenetrable. Stubban!
5. No Matlock cyaah solve di mysteries dem come wid.
6. Everybaddy roun' yuh a look pan yuh strange.  There is wisdom in counsel.  If those around you think you're being unduly pressured from this source of mental battery, it's probably true.

Tips for de-mounting di donkey from off yuh back:

1. Let them know the effect they're having on your mental health.  If it's bad enough you'll see the merit in taking this stance.
2.Refuse to answer their calls(after you've given them an ultimatum) OR give them a time limit on a call.  eg. "I only have five minutes to spare today.  I'm sorry but I'm really busy". Remember you have a divine responsibility to "protec' yuhself,protec' yuhself"-whatsoever things are good, pure, honest,...think on these things.  Donkey ha' credit enuh people-NUFF!  An dem know how fi stalk yuh prapally, 'bout "oops, we meet again" (did I hear a hee-haw?)jus' happen fi ALWAYS 'bump' into you-heh-dat deh carefully calculated mi fren-RUNNNN!!!!
3. Refer them to a more competent source than yourself.  Acknowledge your limitations-yuh cyaah solve everybaddy's prablems.  Some situations are so deeply rooted in past hurts and complex issues that only skilled clinicians wid di aid of di Trinity can help.

I am in no wise insensitive to human suffering.  I am aware though that I am not entirely equipped or mature enough to handle every single thing thrown my way.  Sometimes yuh haffi bow out gracefully.  That knowledge is empowering.  Furthermore, dankey mek fi bear burden!!!

Feel free to disagree with this post, state your position and let's work it out.

Tek care people and have a GREAT week.
You'll hear from me again soon.


I am your one and only Jodi!(mi nuh bizniss how much Jodi yuh know)

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