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Friday, 7 September 2012

Anedda Progress Report..di las' one, mi promise!

People!  Body.Come.Dung!  Lawd gosh man!  But the blog must go on...wha mi seh?

I had some toto remaining from last evening. NO, no, no!  Mi neva seh dem stale, yuh bright! Hmph!
I left out with Mommy again inna mi merino an' a bermuda shorts wid piece a di trimmin' tear dung, and my disheveled hair in a low bun-a hot mess(plus mi neva did bade-jus' did haffi run out same way-gweh! mi did bade late last night!  Yuh tink yuh easy?  Like seh yuh neva do it too-all when y'a go work, so nuh badda teeven try. AWOAH)!  Rambling much?
Hennyhoo, we had a hard time getting sales today.  One man look like him ready fi buss a Chuck Norris jump kick inna mi ches' when mi mention di word 'buy' or a did 'sell'?  In any case him neva interested in buying wha mi didda sell.  Mi shame yes, but mi press along to further insults.  Mi get a good dose too BUT 'tis life, yes?
We ended up giving a few of the totos away much to the recipients' delight and much to my mi aggo seh it widout looking like mi mean? Um.. much to my...(insert appropriate word).
I'm here reflecting on the dynamic events that mark my life.   Life has dealt its cards and at this stage in the game I'm a college trained higgler, peddler, entrepreneur-there we go,  move an' gweh, it betta dan tief!
WHOI!!!!  Mi love unnu yuh see!  Having an audience to express the vicissitudes of my life is cathartic and makes me feel supported.  I'm awed at how resilient the human spirit is-even my human spirit, aye sah.  Necessity is the mother of all inventions, I say adversity is the father of all self-discovery. Look yah! unnu betta quote mi, or else mi wi buss unnu shut.  Ahem.  The life lessons learned from embarking on these peculiar experiences are of inestimable value.
I am sooo tired right now I feel like I need a dip inna di healing stream.  Oh! no, a bade mi waah bade.
Mi gone before fly staat pitch.

P.S.  I'll be doing a batch of Totos and Banana Bread on Sunday.
Mi naw go learn?
I'll let you know how it goes.



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