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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lifelong learning

I'm lost.  Help me out a little here.
I hear of students enrolled in University switching programmes, an' dem poor parents nuh have it.
Di minute you switch yuh jus gradiate-no cum laude-nuttin.  Wi jus host an informal gradiation wid yuh madda as the commencement speaker, an' wi finish off wid a few slice a toto an' a glass a water.  Dat is in store fi any pickeney of mine who feel like dem wah fi switch OR yuh finance yuh owna education.  Inna dem yah hard times yah yuh nuh know wah fi do wid yuh life?
Prior to enrollment in college we need to carefully assess the decision the child has made.  Is there a market for it? Does the child have the aptitude for it?  Yuh disciplined enough?  Mine yuh en' up a trade school enuh-an dat is not a threat-yuh just might be better off.  No child is dunce.  You just have to find your niche.  Mek wi fin' out before mi staat spen' nuh whole heap a money nuh miss!
Bout inna your third year yuh nuh badda sure- No! yuh betta sure!  Finish it an' tek up someting pon yuh owna finance-pickeny haffi learn responsibility man.  Life nuh go so.
Yuh deh a school fi yuh whole life-put a different spin pon lifelong learning.  Not in my pocket book.


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