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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Of bottoms and books...

I want to share a struggle that I'm having- a real mental battle-and I suppose putting it all out there will umm...(hisses teeth)yuh know wah mi mean. Cho yaw!
Our society values education-highly.  "Education is key" is right up there with "Repent and be converted"(we're also a very spiritual nation) alongside "Don't scratch your bottom in public"(???-maybe not that one, but I wish that were a popular one).  Let me digress a little bit to express my concern for our public health and safety.  We'll labour on that 'bottom scratching' point a little bit.  Now having taken a course in microbiology for my undergraduate programme, I am  all too keen on the microscopic units that threaten our lives and safety.  We live in a world where there is but scant regard for hygiene and sanitation.
Check this scenario-yuh jump in a taxi inna yuh hot clothes-yuh bade and smell fresh.

  •  finger nail clean?-check! 
  • back-a-ears wipe dung an' earshole de-waxed?-check!
  • foot back lotion?-check
  • powder pon ches'?-hopefully NOT check!-yuh too ghetto!woi!
  • clean underwear?-check!
  • everyting else in tact?-check!
After yuh put in all a dat effort, one sour smaddy usually grossly overweight sitting on your right just spread dem jelly all inna yuh paats-complete wid sweat and odour.  Mi personally nuh like people body juices a drip pon mi enuh-nuh when mi go di extra mile. Den imagine seh di man pon di leff jus' come offa him site work an' green like a callaloo patch.   People a dig out dem buggu an' a give di taxi man dem fare.   Di taxi man dis release a gallon a *orange-bag-juice-coloured(thanks Carla)*pee-pee pon di side a di road, jump inna di taxi fi mek yuh change- an' a pure coin yuh a get back. Look yah! Is a miracle wi alive!
Nuh badda venture inna food preparation 'cause yuh naw go recova from di heart attack-tank God fi what we do not know!
Hennyhoo-ah nuh teeven dis mi come on fi talk bout enuh.  (Side note) Mi miss unnu tideh so till.  Unnu miss me?  Yuh too lie!
Wha mi waa' talk bout is the pursuit of advanced degrees in this season of job-lessness.  
I'm being encouraged to pursue an advanced degree.  Now hear dis, since mi graduate over a year ago, I've not been placed in the gov't position I've been promised.  The economic climate is...yes, harsh!  As such, if one is not entrepreneurial in mindset-dawg nyam yuh AN' yuh suppa!  Breaking into any industry is no mean task.   It requires everything you have and a little bit more.  Succinctly, I have no time for books. None whatsoever.  But wouldn't the advanced degree provide better job opportunities, one may ask?  WHICH JOB???  Having your own effort is the most prudent thing one can do for oneself.  Amidst all the banter I feel like I just need to settle into the fact that I'm my own boss-not just for now-for life!
This stream of consciousness is not for everyone.  I'm a little bit offbeat-no, maybe a lot-so it works for me.  I guess I want to openly state my purpose, it's not that I lack ambition, but I see myself being of more usefulness by putting my shoulder to the wheel.  My profession doesn't yield the clientelle that I anticipated but everybody haffi eat- so I market healthy products.  I refuse to surrender my passion for Nutrition and Dietetics, I'm taking the unconventional route to engage that discipline.
I walked on NCU campus yesterday and felt a gut-wrenching pain because I know there aren't enough jobs for these kids to fill, and I know the struggle they have in coming up with tuition(mi know caw dem cyaah afford mi toto).  Aye sah!
I believe every family should instill entrepreneurial  values in the home.  That is something I'm very passionate about.  Each child should be taught how to raise money "because these are some serious times, all I can see...."
Love you guys!
Share your thoughts.

I'm whose Jodi?
See u soon!

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