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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wha mi aggo do now Lawd?

I've been working to build my own little business-a baking business.  I've watched it grow from a little "eeny, beeny" endeavour to a bigger eeny, beeny endeavour.  I've had lows and highs, and today is one of those "what in God's green earth is going to happen next?" kinda days.  Aye sah!
I had arranged to go to Mandeville to supply my new market with "Healthy Totos".  Mi seh! Mi weak out when mi realise seh mi ride naw come fi mi.  An' is a whole heap a baking mi puddung.  Miss? Sir! Mi haffi run come start dis yah blog ya same time fi keep mi sanity. WHOI!  What to do?  Good Lord what to do?  Di thoughts weh a go thru my mind right now...a all a mi money mi invest back inna dis batch enuh.  Lawd have mercy-ah weak!  Wait, wait..mi madda jus' tell mi seh she get a sale fi mi outside.  Look like market come a town.  Well, well, mi aggo hit di road right here (insert address) an' see what happens.  I will fill y'all in on what happened.  Pray dat I sell off!!!!!!!

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