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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Virtuous Woman

When I think 'virtuous woman', I instinctively think of a virginal little lady waiting patiently on a partner.  At least, that's the idea that has been promulgated especially to young Christian women.  

The Virtue debate: Virgin vs. Pure
Just to digress a bit (as I often do-pray for my brain y'all), virgin is not the same as pure.  The two may in many cases not even be mutually inclusive.  The fact is, many persons are virgins simply because of lack of opportunity to engage in sexual activities whether because of tight security forces called parents or guardians, or because insecurities create a mental barrier that prevents sexual expression.  There are yet others who decide to save themselves for their husbands as we are commanded to do in the scriptures.  Engaging in sexual practices such as kissing(wait! yuh neva know!), mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex and other creative methods of circumventing full-blown "sex" does not disqualify one from claiming the title of virgin based on the dictionary's definition of 'virgin' which defines this individual as," A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse"-that is sexual penetration.    
Your mental state plays an important role in determining your status as pure or impure.  What about persons who have been forced against their will to perform sexual activity yet maintain a circumspect position?  What do we call them? PURE!  A distinction should be made.  Virginity is celebrated even though it may not be grounded in the core trait-purity.  My exhortation is that whatever our status, we commit to purity as the foundation of our sexuality.  Purity is what we should advocate.  NOTE WELL-Even when married, we are expected to maintain purity which would include fidelity as a core tenet.  It also means that our sexual practices would meet heaven's approval.  Huh? Yup!  That's why I believe we should all know God well before we commit to any relationship, you see, we like to put God in a box like seh Him a one PC or doughnut-dat cyaah wok.  If we knew Him, we wouldn't be afraid to approach Him regarding our sexuality and pray that He inspires creativity and awe in our sexual expression.    We speak too little about these things, we are as sexual a being as we are spiritual and might I add that they are both inextricably related.

As I prayerfully contemplated my life's direction one day, I reverted to Proverbs 31 for clarity(that's where the biblical qualification of a virtuous woman is located).  I was stunned when I did not see ONE sexual reference.  As I stated in the thoughts on virtue were linked to sexual abstemiousness.  Imagine when I saw that the virtuous woman was an entrepreneur!!!  Shock-ment-alization!  Yeah?  This biblical woman was so busy meeting her family's needs, increasing wealth and ensuring her household's wellness, that she had no time for folly.  I took it to heart.  This is the message that needs to be heralded to young women.

Proverbs 31
 Let us strive for God's ideal by adopting a business-like approach to our life tasks.

Love u guys!
Catch u later!

I am your tired (but loving) Jodi


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