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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The bake sale report

So I told you that I'd report on the bake sale(refer to Bewildered Baker).

AYE SAH!!!!!
It. Was. Not. A. Success.(by man's standard)  I had no energy whatsoever.  To top it all off, I lost about 1/3 of the products to spoilage-the risky part of selling perishable goods.  Mi haffi go mek some rubba toto yaw!  Awrite I'm tired, you know let me not do this now-rubber toto? really Miss?
This is life-unpredictable! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
I've had to take heart and submit to that awareness.  Failure is every bit as important as success.  There is an openness in the human spirit that follows failure that allows for deep learning which facilitates understanding.
Whilst I experienced financial loss, I gained morally and mentally.
I'm less afraid of that 'f' word now.  Listen, tek yuh likkle nasty...FAILURE is what I'm referring to.
Losing fear is a huge success in and of itself and the more I fail the more of it I lose which means that the more I fail, the more successful I become.  Makes sense?  I did not sign up with the Weed Head Academy(refer to blog post entitled Inglorious ganja )!!

This business is preparing me for life.  The lessons are transferable.  My love for people has been rekindled and I've discovered new and novel ways of penetrating the market with healthy baked products void of dairy, fat and eggs!!!

A special shout out to Mrs. Mc-Laughlin who taught me this skill. G.r.a.t.i.t.u.d.e.

Well guys pick out what you can from this post-ultimately-commit to juicing life of EVERYTHING it has to offer-E'RTHANG!

Later lil' ones.

I _m y_ur J_di

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