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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

He's got the whole world...

Ever wished you could google your life?  (Don't leave me hanging-Please say yes!)  It's just sometimes I wonder what's in store for me-my anxieties get the better of me in those seasons I suppose.  I think it's better I not see it-perhaps I'd want to fast forward some parts, other parts I'd probably try to prolong, I'd make a whole mess of it...that's why God is in charge and not me.
I've endured trying times I thought would never pass.  Today I look in retrospect at periods that seemed unconquerable and I can't even remember the pain.  God's grace does have a numbing effect.  I'm so happy that one season doesn't last forever.
What's up with you?  Everything ok?  If not, it will be.  Shakespeare's right-All's well that ends well.  Scripture reiterates-he that endures to the end, he shall be saved.
Let's hold on...a lil' while longer.  God's building spirituAL MUSCLE.(A wah do da caps button yah man? mi naw delete it enuh!)  Let's press guys, press towards the mark of the high calling of God in Jesus our Lord.
Wi naw worry, implicit trus' wi seh!  No wavering-feet planted in the Divine.
Awright people.
Mi gone y'hear.

We'll link soon.
Yeah man-I am still your Jodi-dat naw change.


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