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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Inglorious ganja?

Mi Seh!
Mi mek likkle sales to mi neighbour dem here an' dere.  Decided to venture dung di road likkle further and ran into a few old classmates and an old friend from primary school.
Hennyhoo-as mi bruk di corner fi head dung di stretch fi deliver mi lifesavin' toto, nuh a line a weed head man mi see string off pon di side a di road.  So mi pass quietly an' gi' out a courteous "goodnight".  Di head of di weed head council, mi know caw him have di bigges' spliff an' him look di frassest seh to mi-"Hey, gi' mi a minute".  Now mi KNOW SEH dat deh OUT!  Mi naw stop inna no dark alley wid dem deh-fi come proselytize mi.  So mi pick up speed.  Hear him a call out wid urgency now, "Gimme a minute man", when mi reach a safe distance mi tell him fi holla out di request.
Hear di man to mi, "What is a composite number?"
I laugh so till I nearly dead caw mi cuddn' believe seh a dat deh height of meditation weed cudda tek yuh.  But mi stop laugh when mi realize seh mi never know(or memba) di ansa.  An fi tink seh mi reasonably educated-g'a college an' ting (an' dat is g-sat requirement stuff).  Mi staat fi feel shame.  So mi haffi run come a mi yaad an' google it.
Mi seh- look yah now-mi nuh waa none a unnu a walk pon di road an' any random weed head posit dese deep scientific questions pon unnu unawares.  Get in the know!  Lawd hav' mercy-ah cuddn' believe!  Dem seh out of the mouth of suckling babes?  Mi seh out of the mouths of weed heads!  Mi shudda sign up fi extra lessons from di Weed Head Academy.  Mi wudda prabably be betta off.

See it yah!

Composite Number

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A Composite Number can be divided evenly by numbers other than 1 or itself.

Example: 9 can be divided evenly by 1, 3 and 9, so 9 is a composite number.

But 7 can only be divided evenly by 1 and 7, so 7 is NOT a composite number (it is a Prime Number).

Mi give tanks to His royal "Highness"  fi bringing di awareness an' instilling in me the import of remembering foundational concepts.  This is not about composite numbers alone enuh people.  Is life!  Tek time out fi review past lessons, and walk with the gems of wisdom so you'll always be ready to give an answer in defense of  your philosophical stance in life.

Tek care mi peops!

Mi tell unnu all the time-unnu wah hear again-I am YOUR Jodi!

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